About SAFSWorks

SAFSWorks, LLC was formed in August 2004 in response to a growing demand for professional training and consulting on the use and extension of the SAFS Framework and associated tools.

The Founder, Carl Nagle, is the Project Manager and lead architect for the SAFS Framework.  This development effort is active right now as SAFSDEV on SourceForge.Open New Browser  The SAFSDEV project actually began in 1998 as an Open Source initiative by SAS InstituteOpen New Browserto make software test automation available and successful for a wider audience.  Carl and SAS moved the project to SourceForge in June of 2002, and it has enjoyed tremendous growth and acceptance ever since.

By providing the foremost experts in these software test automation technologies, along with professional instructors and course materials, SAFSWorks enables you and your company to achieve better, more reliable results sooner.