RRAFS101-OL Rules and Conditions

We want all potential students to be fully aware that the RRAFS101-OL tutorial is complete, yet evolving.

Make sure you review the up-to-date information on RRAFS101-OL Module AvailabilityOpen New Browser.

Paid Access to the RRAFS101 tutorial provides:
  • Current and future RRAFS101 content
  • Input into future module content
  • Input into development priority
Make secure payments online RRAFS101 purchase options available:
  • Online Acccess: FREE GOGo Online Now
  • $39  Access + CD
  • $169 Access + Manual + CD

The following companion material is also available:

  • Hardcopy Manual containing:

    • AUTO101  Online Tutorial (23p)
    • SAFS101  Online Tutorial (50p)
    • RRAFS101 Online Tutorial (173p)
      (Np) = pages

  • CD-ROM media:
    • AUTO101 Online Tutorial PDF
    • SAFS101 Online Tutorial PDF
    • RRAFS101 Online Tutorial PDF
    • Current RRAFS Release for offline installation
    • Current SAFS Release for offline installation
    • Current HTML Documentation for offline viewing