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SAFS101-OS  On-Site Workshop Summary more

The main thrust behind the SAFS101 training workshops is to give you hands-on experience deploying and using the SAFS Framework on your applications.  You start the workshop with unknowns.  You leave with a fully functional framework and the hands-on experience using it!  And if you need to train several people quickly, an on-site workshop may be the better solution.

Instructor Like our North Carolina workshop, an instructor will take you through framework install options and deployment, test asset development, to using the most advanced features and tools available from the SAFS Framework.  If your applications can be effectively tested by one of our supported 3rd Party Tools, then we can speed your testing to that next level: keyword-driven test automation.  An on-site workshop can also deviate somewhat to focus on your particular needs.

Victory Although we have sample applications, on-site workshops often make it easier to bring the applications you are currently testing to the classroom.  The test assets developed during this workshop can be used in your testing effort after the instructor leaves.