SAFS101-NC  Workshop in North Carolina more

Instructor A detailed, full-day workshop in North Carolina with the architects of the SAFS Framework.  The instructors for this experience will take you from installation options, thru some of the most advanced features available. ...more

SAFS101-OS  On-Site Workshop more

Instructor A detailed, full-day workshop at your facility, on your applications.  All the excellent benefits of our North Carolina workshop plus the convenience of being on-site. ...more

SAFS101-OL  Workshop SoftCopy more

Computer A softcopy tutorial created by the architects of the SAFS Framework and professional instructors.  While it cannot replace the hands-on experience completely, this softcopy tutorial is an excellent choice for those that cannot attend a live workshop. ...more

AUTO101-OL  Workshop SoftCopy more

Computer An introduction and review of the 3 most common techniques for functional test automation.  Find out the pros and cons of each methodology, and when each technique might be most appropriate.  This course lays the groundwork for "why" anyone would ever strive for something like the SAFS Framework for test automation. ...more

RRAFS101-OL  Workshop SoftCopy more

Computer A comprehensive tutorial on the installation, setup, and use of the RRAFS automation framework for IBM Rational Robot and XDE Tester. It includes a review of SAFS Framework features and walks the student thru the steps necessary to enable the SAFS Framework for their RRAFS environment. ...more